All non-mastered submissions must be 24/32 bit WAV/AIFF audio files with at least -6db of headroom and no effects processing on the master buss (i.e. compression, limiting, etc.). Tracks must be no less than 5 minutes and 30 seconds in run time.

Vudeux Records provides a basic mastering service at zero cost to the artist so long as the tracks being mastered are signed to Vudeux. This service is intended only to bring tracks to an overall commercial loudness standard. This service is not intended to manipulate, exaggerate or otherwise alter the original sound of any recording beyond a reasonable point.

Vudeux Records does encourage artists to continue working with and providing mastered material from any third-party mixing and mastering studios preferred by the artist if they are looking for a specific sound and result that the basic mastering service provided by Vudeux Records cannot provide. Vudeux Records does not incur this cost and it is the sole responsibility of the artist to settle any fees associated with the utilization of a third-party mastering studio out of their own finances.